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Welcome from Board President

On behalf of the Friends of SCLARC, Inc., I would like to welcome you to our website. The Friends of SCLARC understands that being a good community partner not only helps better the lives of our stakeholders’, but it also enhances the quality of life throughout the entire community.

Friends of SCLARC, Inc. is dedicated to making an investment in people. And what we yield from our investment are empowered consumers and families who are more knowledgeable and better able to advocate for their loved ones as well as provide resources to more South Central Los Angeles Regional Center consumers when they find themselves faced with emergency situation.

As "friends" of South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, (SCLARC), we are extremely proud of the work the agency has accomplished over the last 35 years on behalf of individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Friends of SCLARC Inc. believes that these efforts have made a major and profound impact on the quality of life in South Los Angeles. Equally important, SCLARC has made a major difference in the lives of the regional center's consumers and families. We are excited to be in partnership with SCLARC's staff, a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to improving the circumstances of those they serve. And it is in support of the consumers and families of South Central Los Angeles Regional Center that Friends of SCLARC, Inc. was created.

In recent months, $334 million has been cut from the regional center system; deeply impacting all 21 regional centers and the 210,000 individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities that they serve. Now, more than ever, we need the support of corporate and community partners to help keep the most vulnerable in our community from falling through the cracks. Working together, and with your support, SCLARC and the Friends of SCLARC will continue to provide the 9,500 consumers and families we serve with opportunities for empowerment and self-advocacy while promoting outreach and education. In this way, we can all do our part in making sure that persons with special needs are afforded the opportunity to live the fullest lives possible.

Thank you for being a Friend!

Malcolm N. Bennett
Board President, Friends of SCLARC

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